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AUDIO: Onyx Koan – “Still in the Earthquake”

Indie rockers Onyx Koan are out with a new album. Beginning with a gravelly intro, the record ascends into a heartfelt, honest odyssey of seeking meaning in one’s surroundings whether that meaning stems from a guitar, a lover, or weathering a storm. Twangy rock with touches of folk and dub is the mode here, and Mark Hubing’s booming voice brings

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AUDIO: Onyx Koan – “Alabaster Telecaster”

Indie rockers Onyx Koan are out with their first single as a full band. With a groovy Americana flare, vocalist Mark Hubing sings of feeling lost but looking for answers. After doing some drugs and finding himself speaking to God, where he discovers his truth lies in the musical axe that he wields. Featuring both guitar and horn solos, Onyx

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