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AUDIO: Oh Geeez – “Hopes & Horrors”

Cartoon-inspired pop act Oh Geeez have a new album out and it’s a ten-song battle between good and evil. As such a theme suggests, this album takes a darker tone than the trio’s previous output. That said, there remains a powerfully-executed aura of hope, perseverance and fighting for love that you know and love from Oh Geeez at this point,

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VIDEO: Oh Geeez – “Eyes on You”

Cartoon-themed pop act Oh Geeez have a started a new chapter with a new single and video. Inspired by the show The Owl House, the song is about the secrets and demons that come following you. The visual is directed by Joe Ludwig and finds Sean McGibany embarking on a quest at night to find what haunts him as his

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AUDIO: Oh Geeez – “Jump Right”

Pop act Oh Geeez return with two new songs this month. Embark on an adventure through “Jump Right” but don’t forget a map and your best friend. “Breathe” encourages you to keep on keeping on and that you’ve always got a friend by your side. Oh Geeez have kept the bright, imaginative pop music alive this year and there’s likely

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AUDIO: Oh Geeez – “From the Heart”

Indie pop act Oh Geeez are out with their third album. It’s a batch of tunes that each make you feel less alone in its own unique way – that’s the magic of Oh Geeez at work. Their core songwriting themes are friends, family and fantasy; with the warmest hooks and neighborly demeanor, Sean McGibany and company bring plenty of

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Oh Geeez, 5PM to Nowhere

Linneman’s hosted 5PM to Nowhere’s “Stoicism” EP release party on Saturday night, enlisting Oh Geeez as the opener. Oh Geeez comprises of vocalist-guitarists Sean McGibany and Jack Gilmond as well as Columbus, OH drummer Alex Dollenmayer. Formed last year from the ashes of the band Before Nitrogen, Oh Geeez play alternative pop inspired by cartoons. McGibany met Dollenmayer on Twitter

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