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AUDIO: Oak You – “Pangea Pt. 2 (Successors)”

Oak You have returned with the sequel to their wonderful “Pangea” EP from last year. The indie pop collective deliver four tracks here that build upon the lush soundscapes, idiosyncratic melodies and ethereal harmonies from the first EP, meshing synthesizers and electronic manipulations with strings, winds and voices to create an immersive electroacoustic experience. Get lost in stunning textural bliss

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AUDIO: Oak You – “Pangea Pt. 1”

Indie pop collective Oak You, formerly known as OQ, released a new record recently. Breathing the divine spirit of nature, Oak You paint a serene picture with ambient electronica, field recordings and the elegant textures of flute passages and vocal harmonies. Notable is the final track “Truth n Borage” which spans over ten and a half minutes, featuring hushed synths

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