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VIDEO: Nuisance – “Nidificate”

Neoclassical dream pop duo Nuisance have a music video to accompany “Nidificate” from their fantastic new album “Kuchisabishii.” With a grainy quality, the scene here features a woman sketching a halved apple sitting on a tree stump. Some shots are done in reverse, like she’s un-drawing it, putting into perspective how carefully and intentionally she’s putting perceptions to the paper.

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AUDIO: Nuisance – “Kuchisabishii”

Nuisance is a new collaboration between BJ Seidel and Ryan Weber that combines dream pop with modern classical elements. Fantastical and meticulous, “Kuchisabishii” (Japanese for “lonely mouth”) enchants us with virtually manipulated instruments and feathery vocals over twelve tracks. Most songs are only about two minutes long, where each is like a burst of succinct brilliance. The album took two

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