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AUDIO: Normal Rituals – “A Comfortable Creature”

Improv noise duo Normal Rituals are out with a new album via Portland, ME’s Tracedobjects. Peter J. Woods and Eli Smith join forces once again as wise mages of sound and art, delivering the clicking, clanging, clattering, crashing and cooking of unconventional electronic and guitar utility. A drone rumbles underneath scattered guitars in “A Silver-Plated Weapon” while “Before They Vanish

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AUDIO: Normal Rituals – “Double Gesture”

Harsh noise duo Normal Rituals have a new record out on FTAM Productions. It’s two tracks each about twenty minutes long, featuring guitar, synthesizer, and scrap metal. Things are plucked and played sporadically yet spaciously, carefully yet chaotically. Eli Smith and Peter Woods explore different paths of sonic communication with “Double Gesture.”

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AUDIO: Normal Rituals – “Another Center”

Improvisational noise duo Normal Rituals are out with a new EP on Absurd Expedition. It’s four tracks crafted out of what feels right in the moment between sonic experimenters Peter J. Woods and Eli Smith. While the sounds here are mostly made with electronics and guitars, there’s what sounds like mouth noises opening the third track – boundary-pushing indeed. Everything

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