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AUDIO: Nightfall Heroes – “Radiance”

Industrial bass duo Nightfall Heroes recently dropped another single. This one finds the heroes going up against a bipedal radioactive behemoth out in the urban. The song is a progressive synthwave beater that perfectly complements the alternation between battle and retreat. It’s going to take immense strategy and teamwork, but the Nightfall Heroes know what they’re doing.

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AUDIO: Nightfall Heroes – “Terminus”

Industrial synthwave duo Nightfall Heroes released a new single today. The heroes are up against a robotic behemoth and have to be strategic about how to take him down. There’s determination and wisdom embedded in this track, and you’ll walk away from it locked and loaded for a cybernetic apocalypse. Stay tuned to hear more from Nightfall Heroes in the

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AUDIO: Sylvagus – “Dread Initiative”

Sylvagus is out with his final track under the project. It sure feels like his ultimate mission, favoring heavy industrial bass that feels determined and pumping with adrenaline. There’s suspenseful choir vocals that fittingly accompany the build-up and bass drop. We wish him the best in his continued creative direction in his new project Nightfall Heroes.

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