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AUDIO: Nate John Herlache – “Grove”

Singer-songwriter Nate John Herlache’s debut EP is out today. Country fans gather; it’s four tunes that bring in the fiddle and banjo (and even some harmonica in the last track) to complement the honest lyrics of a hard-working small-town man. Whether he’s singing about having a good time with an attractive older woman in “Soccer Mom” or the sweet rush

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Artist Spotlights: Nate John Herlache, Meadowers, Conscious Congress, Mas Verde, The Panoptics

DIY shows are beginning to pop up around Milwaukee’s East Side and Riverwest neighborhoods, and one of the first so far took place under the scorching Saturday sun this past weekend. An all-day backyard fest featuring Nate John Herlache, Valerie Lighthart, Meadowers, Conscious Congress, Demetri Rogers and Cosmic Endeavors, Mas Verde, Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang, and The

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