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AUDIO: Moustache Bride – “Witch Insulin”

Experimental synth artist Moustache Bride has his second record of the year out. With thirteen tracks, the Bride continues his ventures through computerized dimensions and vast spaces. Every composition is a new journey through electronic sonic planes, and this body of work feels especially wide-eyed. “Future Guilt” is a standout, bringing more abrasive textures that carry a sense of peril.

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AUDIO: Moustache Bride – “Revenge Tanning”

Experimental electronic artist Moustache Bride has yet another batch of work out. He continues his wizardry in the territories of synths and noise, like we’re walking through a futuristic sanitarium. Each sonic passage is like a new corridor. We’re pleased to see Moustache Bride hard at work at his compositions during quarantine, and we hope to get a plethora of

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AUDIO: Moustache Bride – “Safari Parking”

Experimental electronic artist Moustache Bride has had a prolific output this year; this is his ninth record of 2020. Once again, the Bride tinkers with playful synth soundscapes and avant-garde sonic structures that feel like Ren and Stimpy episodes in space. He’s collaging elegant words in the track titles such as “Fiscal Feudalistic” and “Diminish Industrious.” The song “Denial Conversation”

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AUDIO: Moustache Bride – “Conscious Perennial”

Experimental electronic artist Moustache Bride is out with more collections of pieces. Each track feels like a fantasia collage of rich textures, pseudo-rhythms, suspense, and spontaneous bursts of color. There’s industrial, ambient and synthwave elements, making it a viable sonic experiment for Moustache Bride’s catalog. Also released today is his record “Luxury Plastics” which is a similar idea although a

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AUDIO: Moustache Bride – “Tragedy Seminar”

We last heard from Moustache Bride just a month ago with “Artificial Absolutist,” and he’s already back with a new project. This one is rich with ambient synth passages, industrial noise experimentation, and existential dread. It’s a patient listen for sure, but like previous Moustache Bride releases, each track feels like a piece of a puzzle. There is an other-worldly

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