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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Tlalok, Cream City Players, Strup & Friends, Old Prospectors

MKE Music Night XXXII occurred at Linneman’s in Riverwest on Saturday night featuring performances from Tlalok, Cream City Players, Strup & Friends, and Old Prospectors. Tlalok is a singer-songwriter known for his eclectic stylistic fusion and fun stage antics as well as being the longtime host of MKE Music Night. He sings in both English and Spanish. He’s got an

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MKE Music Night: Old Prospectors, Strup & Friends, Cream City Players, Tlalok

Come experience the wisdom of the Old Prospectors as they guide us on a journey through the astral plane. Your past, present, and future selves, will all be trying to bring you to this moment in your life. As the wise Jack Black once said “One great rock show can change the world” This is it. This is THAT show.

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MKE Music Night Pushes a Scene Forward

By Bryon Cherry Tlalok Rodriguez would not call his project, MKE Music Night, a movement but he will say that the phrase “movement” might be aligned with his vision for it. On Saturday May 28th, at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn at 7pm, Rodriguez will be hosting the 29th MKE Music Night. The musicians featured at tomorrow’s event will be Jacob Slade,

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