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AUDIO: Milk Solids – “Dream Job”

Milk Solids released two records last week; we covered the first one the other day and are excited to present the second one today. Like “Eight Minutes in Heaven”, “Dream Job” is four songs of shoegaze and rock-electronica, although these tunes have generally slower tempos and are considerably longer. In fact, the title track spans almost 20 minutes! Lyrically, there’s

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AUDIO: Milk Solids – “Eight Minutes in Heaven”

Milk Solids released two new albums this week, the first of which is titled “Eight Minutes in Heaven.” In a blend of shoegaze, post-punk and electronic rock that spans four songs, this EP feels like a vivacious dream. With simple and shoutable choruses, the lyrics tackle absurdities like getting turned into an owl and losing heaven in a matter of

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AUDIO: Milk Solids – “It’s Still Rock n’ Roll EP”

Alternative rock act Milk Solids are out with a new EP. It’s five songs that incorporate elements of shoegaze, dream pop and post-punk, ending with the title track which spans over ten minutes. The music is bold and textural while the lyrics have an overall positive nature to them, touching on feeling alive and learning to be comfortable with passing

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