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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Starting to Dream”

Experimental percussionist Mike Neumeyer released a new album. We’ve gotten to know Neumeyer pretty well over the last year with his many instrumental compositions utilizing marimba, bells and chimes, but he’s got more up his sleeve – Neumeyer sings here! This record is an exuberant, positive exercise in actualizing Neumeyer’s increasingly layered creative vision, inspired by his father’s recent passing.

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “The Story of Mike Miller”

Experimental percussionist Mike Neumeyer is at it once again. This marimba piece details the story of a kid who would rather play video games than study, but once the teacher tells him to try playing music, he discovers a deep love for it. As such, there’s a keen sense of excitement and wonder that burgeons with Mike Miller’s curiosity. It’s

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Zil-Bel Vibes”

Experimental percussionist Mike Neumeyer just keeps them coming. His latest release is the start of a new series, where he plans to gradually add more and more objects/instruments to the production. In addition to the marimba, he strikes bells and chimes, giving this piece a sense of wonder with sharp pensiveness. It’s a nine-minute track, giving Neumeyer plenty of time

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