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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Layer by Layer”

Experimental percussionist Mike Neumeyer dropped a new EP. It’s four tracks that each add a new layer to Neumeyer’s process as he plays; the first track is just marimba, the second adds vibraphone, the third adds chimes, and finally in the fourth he sings. It may be a gentle listen but there’s profound intention and patience behind each artistic decision.

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Blue Bizarre Bazaar”

Composer and percussionist Mike Neumeyer plays with the cool colors on his latest track. It’s a marimba and vibraphone improvisation that feels like a seaside breeze at sunrise. Delicate and serene, it’s a piece that resembles the world gently awakening from a peaceful slumber. Mike Neumeyer has mastered the experiments of sound and color over the last few months, and

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Yellow Sunrise”

Percussionist Mike Neumeyer’s latest track is one of his longest compositions yet, clocking in at eight and a half minutes. Beginning with minimal phrases, the track gradually ascends into something grand. As more notes are hit by Neumeyer in rapid succession, it indeed feels like the sun creeping up over the horizon and piercing the low-lying clouds. Eventually it returns

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Blue Electric”

Composer and percussionist Mike Neumeyer’s latest edition of his color-centered marimba series focuses on blue. Neumeyer thought of a Crayola marker called “Electric Blue” and just like that the piece became a reflection of the past. His mallet work is busy and shuffling, like all the memories pouring in at once. It’s a blissful blast of nostalgia from Mike Neumeyer,

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Purple Permutations”

Some artists like matching their music with different colors, and that’s exactly what composer and percussionist Mike Neumeyer has been doing the last few months. His latest tune uses purple to represent encore mallets with the marimba, conveying a meditative trance. It’s softly metallic, mellow but focused. Mike Neumeyer’s compositions are the soundtrack to spring relaxation, and this one is

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