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AUDIO: Midsummer – “Nothing Feels Right Anymore”

Emo alternative rockers Midsummer have a new EP out, written during a dark time where frontman Korgan Steinke was confronted with internal decay. These songs are about grieving parts of yourself that are dying out to the point where you struggle to recognize yourself. We feel secure by a fixed perception of ourselves, and when we lose things that make

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AUDIO: Midsummer – “I Don’t Know What to Say”

Emo-alternative rockers Midsummer have a new single out. It’s about struggling to articulate just how you feel about a situation; no words seem to be able to do justice because everything feels wrong. Featuring Nick Heath of American Bandit in a spoken word bridge, the song is intensely convictive with bleak emotional terror. We’ve all felt such a way at

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