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VIDEO: Bishop Nehru & DOOM – “Darkness” & “Om”

DOOM & Bishop Nehru are about to drop their collaboration album, NehruvianDOOM in September. However, we have the benefit of checking out a couple of songs in advance of the release date. The first track, containing Bishop Nehru only, is the video for “Darkness”, the first official single from the duo. The second track, however, features both DOOM & Nehru,

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GS – “Hellish Freezers” (Mixtape)

GS sent me his newest mixtape today. For future reference, I really enjoy getting new music sent to me. It’s a great perk of writing a music blog. Anyway, I had time to kill, so I checked this tape out. I had never heard GS before, so his flow is unique to me. He has a very distinct voice, but

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