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AUDIO: Meadowers – “Nothing Wrong And I Trust You”

Emo rockers Meadowers released their debut album today. It’s an album of eleven tracks that grapples with the passage of time. You’re left to trust your heart and mind, despite the weight of knowing that the world around you will continue changing. Some of these songs (“Heartless”, “Shape”, and “What We Brought”) touch on clinging to friends, but eventually the

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AUDIO: Meadowers – “All I Have (Statues)”

Emo rockers Meadowers have the second single out from their upcoming album. It’s a song about putting in immense effort to make something work with someone else. You’re thinking about the long run (“building statues”) but there’s heavy weight to carry along the way. After the heartful lyrics, the final minute of the song instrumentally soars like rushing waters, captivating

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AUDIO: Meadowers – “Capacity”

Cover artwork for Meadowers - "Capacity"

Emo rockers Meadowers have a new single out ahead of their upcoming album “Nothing Wrong And I Trust You.” It’s a song that wishes for better days; we try burying that which causes us pain but it does us no good unless we heal. Such tribulations often make us look to higher powers for guidance. Stay tuned for Meadowers’ record

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Artist Spotlights: Nate John Herlache, Meadowers, Conscious Congress, Mas Verde, The Panoptics

DIY shows are beginning to pop up around Milwaukee’s East Side and Riverwest neighborhoods, and one of the first so far took place under the scorching Saturday sun this past weekend. An all-day backyard fest featuring Nate John Herlache, Valerie Lighthart, Meadowers, Conscious Congress, Demetri Rogers and Cosmic Endeavors, Mas Verde, Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang, and The

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