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AUDIO: Max Segovia – “Just One Act (Can Change the World)”

Singer-songwriter/producer Max Segovia released two new songs recently. The first tune “Just One Act (Can Change the World)” is lovingly crafted with a bed of piano and synths, encouraging the listener to make a difference around them with each small gesture and a little bit at a time. The second tune “Theme From Track & Field” is an instrumental tune

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AUDIO: Max Segovia – “Moon Smiled Back EP”

Singer-songwriter Max Segovia is out with a new EP. It’s four tracks comfy in lo-fi aesthetics, containing vivid imageries of views of the city, rushing waters, the moon, and wide-open fields. Segovia is direct and minimal with lyrics, letting the music guide the listener into the symbolisms of the songs. Stylistically vast between country, folk and R&B, Max Segovia invites

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