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AUDIO: Liida – “State of Continuum”

Electronic project Liida’s got a new record out. The theme here is positivity, so these five tracks embody the shuffle forward. There’s a sense of courage, adventure, and prosperity that permeates through whimsical, instrumental pop-scapes. The beats are catchy while incorporating uniquely arranged textures and effects. “State of Continuum” is an optimal choice to put on your headphones with and

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AUDIO: Liida – “Movement V”

Downtempo electronic project Liida released a new album. These cuts occupy cosmic spaces with grace and determination, even featuring some lyrical passages on a few (“Breathe,” “The Man Who Smiled,” and “Unchained”). There’s an overall loving and positive demeanor that Liida wears like a cloak here. If you’re feeling like your spirit needs to go frolic in the astral realm,

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AUDIO: Liida – “4 on 4”

Indietronica artist Liida is out with a new EP. Much like his self-titled release a few months back, these tracks traverse through an ocean of hue and texture using both electronic and acoustic instruments. Stylistically, he combines chillwave with dance pop to achieve vibrations that simultaneously relax you and welcome the grooves. While it’s entirely instrumental, you feel personally invited

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