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AUDIO: Lifetime Achievement Award – “FERRY”

Indie pop project Lifetime Achievement Award released a new album. Written over the course of the pandemic, these songs capture Jay Joslyn’s pensiveness as the world keeps turning and things continue changing. His poetic lyricism encompasses ideas of struggling to act like things are normal, not being the same person you used to be, falling into cycles, and being in

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AUDIO: Lifetime Achievement Award – “S/T”

Bedroom indie project Lifetime Achievement Award is out with a self-titled record. It presents itself like Jay Joslyn is inviting us into his personal diary. There’s introspective lyrics of self-discovery, nihilism, foolishness, and being in conflict with oneself. Many of the songs are short and succinct, like one vivid thought that Joslyn converts into intentional yet poetic songwriting. Highlight certainly

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