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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Ratbatspider, Billy Dreamer, Jazzcore Friction

It was a loud, rowdy night at Last Rites on Saturday as bands Ratbatspider, Billy Dreamer, and Jazzcore Friction each took the stage. Ratbatspider consists of vocalist Ryan Remains, guitarist Colin Bat, bassist/vocalist Chris Rat, and drummer Doug Spider. They are horror punks known for donning black and white face paint with each show. They formed in 2013 originally doing

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AUDIO: Jazzcore Friction – “Why Think?”

Garage rockers Jazzcore Friction return with a new single this week. This song lampoons people who form opinions about things that they know very little about, hiding behind phone screens as they talk shit, while finding actual accurate information gets obscured by the media. The band takes a playful approach to the melody here; it feels like we’re watching people

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AUDIO: Jazzcore Friction – “Richardry”

Blues rockers Jazzcore Friction unleashed yet another new single this past week; it’s a jam about acknowledging your shitty past and forcing yourself to change. You look for ways to play it safe but you know that gets you nowhere. We all have to look inward at some point, no matter how painful it may be. Jazzcore Friction bring a

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VIDEO: Jazzcore Friction – “My Own Enemy”

Indie rockers Jazzcore Friction have another video out from their recent album “Hemipenes.” The band is shown going on a little joyride here, donning multicolored masks and illuminated by colorful and funky special effects. They cruise around town rocking out from the car; the song is about being your own monster to deal with. It’s a jam that begs you

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AUDIO: Jazzcore Friction – “The Flow”

Bluesy indie rockers Jazzcore Friction dropped a new single today. It’s a song about sitting around procrastinating, and having anxiety over getting started on things. Shit will only get done if you’re the one to do it, and you put enormous pressure on yourself because of it. Each verse serves as a new wave of struggle, aligning the message with

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