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VIDEO: Docx – “The Creature (Floor of the Earth)”

Experimental artist and producer Docx dropped their marvelous album “It” last week, and with it came a music video for the song “The Creature” featuring Floor of the Earth. It’s a surreal visual depicting the artists in a room while trippy effects occur in the background. Be warned that this video has rapidly flashing lights, specifically in the last minute

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AUDIO: Docx – “It”

Experimental artist Docx has their sophomore album out today. Three years in the making, this album is a cosmic journey of sound, style, color and texture. The interlude “Exist?” featuring Kuntpills sums it up pretty well – the creative process is a beautiful escapism limitless in scope where revelations can occur at any time – and Docx explores those untethered

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VIDEO: Docx – “It”

Experimental artist Docx has a new single and video out. The visuals are animated by them as well, depicting a celestial humanlike figure sitting with twinkling skin in the cosmos. The production is hyper and energetic with an ethereal quality that makes you feel like you’re going light speed from galaxy to galaxy. Get excited for Docx’s album coming out

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