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AUDIO: Isaiah M. Brown – “When You Knew Me”

Singer-songwriter Isaiah M. Brown released his debut album recently. It’s nine tracks that find comfort in soul, R&B and pop flavors. There’s an overall theme of heartbreak and coping with the loss of a dear relationship, utilizing piano-laden melodies, poignant storytelling and backing vocals that echo such sentiments. Cleveland-based rapper Jerry Dodrill drops a verse on the penultimate song “Cigarette”,

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AUDIO: Isaiah M. Brown – “Golden”

Singer-songwriter Isaiah M. Brown’s sophomore single finds him going in a soulful R&B direction. He assesses a failed relationship, from the heartbreak to the hopelessness. He doesn’t do it in a mopey way though – he’s fresh and assertive here, complete with backing vocals and atmosphere to breathe. Isaiah M. Brown has had a promising start of polished tunes, and

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