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VIDEO: Imotwbaby – “Sun”

Hip hop artist Imotwbaby recently dropped a video for his song “Sun” from this year’s album “BLUU.” Featuring psychedelic animations and butterflies, the whole thing is shot like OTW is tripping as he walks around under the sun and reflects on his life. It’s a hazy adventure from Imotwbaby that hearkens to summer warmth and enlightening moments.

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Hip hop artist IMOTWBABY dropped a new song a few months back. This one’s got a trippy, surreal feel; OTW is rapping about living like he’s making the hits like the Beatles did. Bass-boosted trap accompanies the fun he’s having as he’s collecting money and speaking to the people in the language of catchy song. It’s one last banger from

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AUDIO: Imotwbaby – “BLUU!”

Hip hop artist Imotwbaby has a massive debut album out – it’s twenty-four tracks! The young rapper makes it clear with this project that he doesn’t care about being famous – he just wants money. “Nice Things” if you will. Each track is a different day in the life of his hustle, and he’s enjoying the company of a great

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AUDIO: Imotwbaby FT. 10cellphones – “POPS”

Hip hop artist Imotwbaby teamed up with 10cellphones for a new song this week. The two rappers continue their hustle over an electronic beat and an infectious hook in OTW’s mumble style. As always, he’s not on games here; this is what he must do to make it out alive. Imotwbaby’s music touches on the realities of street life as

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AUDIO: Imotwbaby FT. Chavo – “Nice Things”

Hip hop artist Imotwbaby teamed up with Chavo for a new joint. The song is about doing whatever you have to for some “nice things.” Chavo joins Imotwbaby in rapping about treating a woman right and getting treated right in return. It’s a feel-good bop that reminds you of when you’ve come a long way. Imotwbaby has been dropping some

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VIDEO: Imotwbaby – “Skurrt Angle”

Hip hop artist Imotwbaby has a new single and video out to conclude a content-rich year for him. In a neon purple tone and with trippy effects, he’s shown out in an alley sporting a rifle as he raps about what’s getting on his nerves. Don’t get in his way unless you know what you’re in for. We can’t wait

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