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AUDIO: Hurt Alwys – “Pressure”

Electronic pop artist Hurt Alwys keeps them coming with a new single. Clocking in at just over two minutes, this song is about demons creeping up from inside as you’re getting close to someone. It’s got a dark computerlike feel, adding a sense of mystery with retro-futurist aesthetics. We hope all these singles are a sign of something bigger in

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AUDIO: Hurt Alwys – “Alive”

Electronic pop artist Hurt Alwys’ latest single takes things in a synthwave gospel direction. Produced by Geezee, this song is about hope and prosperity to keep living for love with the life God has given you. With a wicked guitar solo from Cian James Radcliffe, Hurt Alwys demonstrates wide-eyed enthusiasm for building stylistic bridges between modern pop methods. We hope

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AUDIO: Hurt Alwys – “ROOM 77”

Electronic pop artist Hurt Alwys returns with his first single of the year. With a throbbing synthpop beat and an infectious hook, this song is about wanting another chance to make a relationship work after it fell apart once. The cover art depicts a “new game” arcade screen, which is a clever vehicle for the song’s message about giving things

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