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AUDIO: Hundredbucks – “EP3”

Chicago-based dream pop artist Hundredbucks has the final edition of his trilogy of EPs out. A collage of sonic delights, this body of work reflects the variety in style Hundredbucks feels inspired by. From electronic dance to hip hop to ethereal pop, he embodies an artist not putting himself in any one category. Hip hop artist Fanetic hops on a

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AUDIO: Hundredbucks – “EP2”

Chicago-based lo-fi artist Hundredbucks has a second EP out, following the first that came out last month. He continues building on the dream pop foundation with soulful vocals, ethereal synths, and luscious guitar. “$enior Year” feels like the soundtrack to having come a long way while sticking with the same people; “Don’t Be Sorry” features a heartfelt sample about restraining

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AUDIO: Hundredbucks – “Ep1”

Chicago-based indie pop artist Hundredbucks is out with his debut EP. It feels like a hazy stroll through sun-kissed country; it’s four tracks of glittering and watery guitars accompanied by dreamy keyboards. There’s a romantic, sensual touch to “Dancing” while “Car Rides” could find itself as the end-credits song to an art house drama. Hundredbucks has put together a relaxing

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