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AUDIO: LoBi LoBianco – “Listless”

LoBi LoBianco is the solo “folkgaze” project from one of the members of Howard Grove. LoBi’s got his first single out and it’s a solid dose of fall melancholia. With carefully-layered instrumentation of woodsy textures, LoBi blooms lonely sentiment into friendly charm. He’s got a full-length record coming soon; stay tuned for more from LoBi LoBianco in the near future.

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AUDIO: Howard Grove – “Nebraska”

Indie pop band Howard Grove dropped a new single this week. It’s an affectionate song about cherishing the time you’ve got with your loved ones while they’re still here. The lyrics reflect the comfort in loneliness because it protects you from abandonment or loss. Howard Grove touch on mortality and time with a waterfall of downtempo psychedelia in “Nebraska.”

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