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AUDIO: Hot By Ziggy – “The Last Time That You Save Me”

Reggae rockers Hot By Ziggy released a three-song EP, featuring their recent single “Love In The Stars.” It’s a work of love, heavy on themes of trekking forward in life with someone you feel saved by. You’re on a light-speed journey with them and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Hot By Ziggy bring a smooth, summery sound

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AUDIO: Hot by Ziggy – “Love in the Stars”

Reggae-surf rockers Hot By Ziggy released a new single this week. The band compares love to a spaceship adventure, going light speed and bracing themselves. There’s so much to see in the galaxy, which serves as a wide-eyed metaphor for everything to look forward to together in a relationship. It’s a honeymoon tune from Hot By Ziggy.

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AUDIO: Hot by Ziggy – “Let Down Your Hair”

Reggae-surf rockers Hot by Ziggy are out with a new EP. The band outdo themselves once again with a generous helping of warm guitar licks, beach-soaked harmonies, fiery lyrics, and bright solos that’ll get you going. “Gold Hearted” even brings some hip hop touches. The record is dedicated to the band’s friend Alex Kultchen. Hot by Ziggy are one of

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