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AUDIO: Ravi/Lola – “Christmas Village Mouse”

Psych pop band Ravi/Lola dropped a Christmas single this year. Starting with a warm and sweet glockenspiel, the song tells the story of a mouse who comes out from its cozy mini village every Christmas to befriend the narrator, swelling into a playful and bouncy tune that ultimately ends with a freakout by the narrator because the mouse leaves right

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AUDIO: Meltwater Pulse – “A Very Melty Christmas”

Milwaukee collective Meltwater Pulse released an EP of all-original Christmas and holiday music. Brett J.B., Murphy Kaye, Dr Bassie and D Wiz the MC all contribute tunes here, bringing a range of singer-songwriter, reggae, hip hop and indie pop to the mix. Everyone’s got a different mood here; Brett J.B. touches on his lack of cheer as the years go

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AUDIO: Greg Koch – “Stick and Coal for Christmas”

Rockstar Greg Koch of Koch-Marshall trio is out with a Christmas single. It’s a blues number about Koch’s misbehaved cats; all he wants is for them to get along for once but until they do, they’re getting a stick and coal for Christmas. Guitar effects are added to simulate the cats’ meows, making for a fun holiday ditty. Half of

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AUDIO: Sarah Fierek – “Holiday Glow”

Singer-songwriter Sarah Fierek is out with her second holiday original, closely following the release of her rendition of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” a few weeks ago. She sings of having holiday cheer even if there’s no snow; nothing extinguishes the jolly spirit this time of year. There’s both a pop version and orchestral version available to stream. Sarah Fierek

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