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AUDIO: Justin Armonia – “The Universe Sent You to Destroy Me”

Chicago-based alternative hip hop/R&B artist Justin Armonia just dropped his second album. He delivers an inventive, forward-thinking exhibition of atmospheric textures, bringing lyrics of faded states of mind and unearthing pathways to loving oneself. Features from fellow artists Handofjade, Julius Dolls, and Nate Barksdale land in the mix too. It’s been a monumental month for Justin Armonia, considering his release

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AUDIO: Nu-Jaunt – “Life is A Trip”

Nu-Jaunt is the Chicago-based alternative R&B duo of Nate Barksdale and Justin Armonia. With post-punk and neo-soul sensibilities, Nu-Jaunt push musical boundaries with avant-garde self-awareness. Their lyrics encompass the sensationalism of trendy modernity, which effectively strips the self from authentic wonder. Music was never meant to be so stratified in the first place, and the duo work beautifully to dispel

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