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AUDIO: Gross Load – “Mutations Beyond Comprehension”

Grindcore project Gross Load is out with a new album this week. Destroying everything in its path, this body of work is what you’d imagine the soundtrack to a toxic waste nightmare. Joseph S’ vocals are demented as they are obfuscated. Impervious to reason, Gross Load delivers gnarly riffage that detail grotesque scenarios from getting fed to industrial machinery to

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AUDIO: Gross Load – “Exposed to Forbidden Knowledge”

Goregrind project Gross Load has a new EP out. It’s five tracks of wicked, grinding devastation that whizz by like a hurricane from Hell. Now that you know what you know from listening to this release, you must die. If you’re looking for something absolutely mind-shattering that demolishes everything in its path, look no further than Gross Load. Cassettes will

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