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VIDEO: Bahar – “Genug”

Bahar Kizil has released a video for her latest single “ Genug”. Simple at first glance, this video has a lot of details and attributes. The lighting, the set and the angles of the shots are flawless. Dark underground locations are fitting to the mood and the vibe of the song. Throughout the video, the singer is presented as a

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NEW SONG : Bahar – “Genug”

Just a few weeks after the release of “ Flieder” Bahar Kizil has dropped another single “ Genug”. The power anthem titled “ Enough “ in translation from German carries a powerful message : being strong and independent. The urban beat infused with touch of oriental flavor is a winning combination. Another highlight in “ Genug “ is the use

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VIDEO: Mandy Capristo – “Genug”

Since the release of the German debut 13 Schritte, everyone has been eagerly anticipating the next move from Mandy Capristo. The singer has released the new single on Thursday night and it was totally worth the wait. The upbeat, feel good, mid- tempo song will have you dancing from the first chords. The song with an uplifting beat has a

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