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AUDIO: Dead Ol’ Fred – “Songs About Spooky Shit”‘

Singer-songwriter Deal Ol’ Fred, known for fronting country-core band Rat Bath, released their debut solo EP today. It’s four songs and indeed takes on a bewitched theme; Kenyon sings of loving a ghostly presence, personifying a demon that burns at sunrise, getting sewn shut after being thrown around like a doll, and how fucked up it is to settle for

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Riverwest Public House Launches COVID-19 Food Pantry

With much uncertainty brooding over many Milwaukee small businesses because of the ongoing pandemic, local music venues have crowdfunded donations from the community in order to support their employees and stay afloat. Riverwest Public House, however, is taking things a bit further – they’ve started a food pantry for those in need. “There’s a lot of reasons why we wanted

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