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AUDIO: IshDARR – “Broken Hearts & Bankrolls”

IshDARR’s time to take over is now. After a couple weeks of hype, “Broken Hearts & Bankrolls” is available to the world, and Ish is looking to make his mark in a major way. This is very clearly a solo breakout, with the only features coming from fellow Milwaukee natives Emaad and Ju Preach on the last track, “Breaking Hearts”.

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AUDIO: Emaad – “Shitty Day Ridin'”

When you look at the vast landscape of music in the city, Emaad is a name often overlooked (at the moment.) With that said, though, he is still doing major numbers on that Internet thing, which I’ve heard is good for building up your buzz. His latest, “Shitty Day Ridin’”, has already amassed 30,000 plays on Soundcloud since its release.

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AUDIO: Emaad – “Champions”

The fresh faces in Milwaukee are making noise, especially with tracks like this one from Emaad. Armed with a beat to make any trap star bounce, “Champions” is definitely a track that can rattle some trunk speakers. With a cosign from local standout IshDARR (who sent us the track), and the skills to stand on his own, Emaad is going

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