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AUDIO: Ellee Grim – “Majesty”

Emo singer-songwriter Ellee Grim reinvents herself as a dark pop artist with her latest single. She envisions herself as the force that takes down the oppressive capitalist administration we live under, becoming your new majesty. You’d better bow down unless you want her coming after you next. With a dash of hip hop swagger, Grim flexes from the shadows with

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AUDIO: Ellee Grim – “New Moon / Coffee in the Shower”

Emo singer-songwriter Ellee Grim is out with a new acoustic A-Side/B-Side. The first track is an intimate tale of a renewed sense of self while the second is about voluntary isolation. The two songs contrast well with one another; Grim reflects on both the ups and downs of emotional turbulence, using outside warmth and pleasure-less drinking as metaphors for each

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