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AUDIO: Donte Tidmore – “Stranger”

Donte Tidmore has put out a string of singles since his debut project, “Intro”, dropped last year. His latest contribution to that set of singles is “Stranger”, a track with an extra laid back feel to it. Lyrically, though, the song shows a bit of vulnerability for Donte, as he talks about those who choose to cut themselves off from

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AUDIO: Donte Tidmore Featuring Cassandra Theno – “Where Were You”

With a combination of easygoing R&B and laid back hip hop, Donte Tidmore’s latest, “Where Were You”, is a smooth track from start to finish. The track let’s Donte do his thing, smooth talking a female, and complimenting vocals from Cassandra Theno compliment the flow. Produced by Sound Heightz, this is the type of track that should spawn several remixes on

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AUDIO: Donte Tidmore – “What’s Up Intro”

Enter yet another fresh face to the Milwaukee hip hop scene. Donte Tidmore is a 21 year old emcee, with his first project, “Intro” coming in the very near future. The first track from that project, however, is up and ready for your introduction to Donte. Produced by TaylorMBeats, the intro to “Intro” is a strong look for someone coming

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