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VIDEO: Destinee Lynn – “Who is Dat”

Hip hop artist Destinee Lynn has a new single and video out today. It’s a flex track where Lynn reminds you that she’s one of the main ones putting Milwaukee onto the limelight; haters try talking shit even though no one can help but give Lynn credit for the streams she’s racked up and moves she’s made. The two main

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VIDEO: Rissa Fam & Chicken P – “Money”

Hip hop artists Rissa Fam and Chicken P teamed up recently for a new song and video, shot by DineroGangRay. They’re ready to flex heavy with bottles of liquor and plenty of cash, rapping about going after the bag by any means necessary. It’s a banger about chasing after comfort but having fun while doing it. Rissa Fam and Chicken

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VIDEO: Munch Lauren – “Denim Jeans”

Hip hop artist Munch Lauren has a new single and video out to conclude an exceptionally productive year for him. Shot by DineroGangRay, the Halloween-themed video features the rapper in bloody and spooky costumes as he haunts two women out at night. The scene quickly turns into an elaborate Halloween party where Lauren spits bars like “she got a booty

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