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AUDIO: Deerskin – “Hippo Spirit”

Psychedelic bass producer Deerskin dropped his first tune of 2022 recently. It’s a wobbly yet stylish cut that brings to mind the image of a hippo strutting about with a song in its head. Deerskin has always brought a creative edge to his bass music, taking inspiration from Eastern sounds in tandem with trippy nature imagery. We look forward to

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AUDIO: Deerskin – “Jester Jiggle”

World bass producer Deerskin’s latest single is indeed jiggly. With a swirling beat that sweeps you off the floor, this jam will have you cleaning your house with some rhythm. There’s some laughter samples from the jester himself sprinkled in as well. It’s another crafty cut from the ever-unique bass artist Deerskin.

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AUDIO: Deerskin – “Ayah”

Psychedelic bass producer Deerskin’s latest tune is inspired by an Ayahuasca vocal sample from South America. The result is a chillout jam certainly suitable for reclining but it’s also got plenty of cerebral effects laced in per Deerskin fashion. The bass drones in and out while about halfway in the tempo switches into a liquid stomper. We hope there’s more

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AUDIO: Deerskin – “Back to Source”

Psychedelic bass producer Deerskin released a new EP this week. These three tracks put you right in the mind of a trippy guru, as the cover art suggests. Through the metaphysical conduits and spiritual ducts, Deerskin takes his sound to exciting new horizons with infectious rhythms and tasty zaps. If you like your bass tribal and sophisticated, Deerskin’s new EP

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AUDIO: Deerskin – “Realms Within”

World-bass producer Deerskin’s latest tune is a trip through an alien jungle. It’s mysterious yet authentic with various zaps and blasts, like a tribal ritual that would place in a space adventure movie. Deerskin has an EP coming out soon that we’re highly anticipating – he’s an electronic artist not to overlook.

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