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AUDIO: Dead, Dead Swans – “I’ll Come Home”

Folk rock band Dead, Dead Swans dropped a new single. It’s an acoustic one about getting home late for Christmas ready to have a few drinks like old times. The singer reflects on how things used to be this time of year, from a snow-eating dog to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and now he wants to re-live what he can.

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AUDIO: Dead, Dead Swans – “Used to You”

Indie folk project Dead, Dead Swans have a new single out. Recorded in a bedroom with just one microphone, it’s a song that touches on someone appearing different than you once remembered them. Fittingly, it’s got a gentle acoustic melody that accommodates Swan’s gruff and honest vocals. It certainly makes you want to call up an old friend.

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AUDIO: Dead, Dead Swans – “October”

Folk trio Dead, Dead Swans are out with their debut EP. It’s four songs that touch on very personal sentiments; “Less of Me” is about having a difficult relationship with your father and confronting those emotions, “The Ash” deals with intense inner turmoil, and the remaining two tracks tackle the strange patterns we notice within our lives. Dead, Dead Swans

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