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AUDIO: D.B. Rouse – “Today is Gonna Be a Good Day”

Singer-songwriter D.B. Rouse released a new EP. There’s four songs here of stripped-down, lighthearted fun. The title track kicks things off; Rouse tells the story of waking up and being grateful for another day, whether or not the sun shines or it rains. Then he treats us to tales about kitchen appliances talking to one another, beetles frolicking in dirt

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AUDIO: D.B. Rouse – “At the Bottom of the Lake”

Singer-songwriter D.B. Rouse is out with a new EP, and it’s themed around being stuck in a stormy sea. With four songs, Rouse explains on Bandcamp that each is a mysterious treasure found under a rock deep in the underwater depths. As such, each song brings a powerfully esoteric approach to songwriting, from setting out on a grand adventure with

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