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AUDIO: Cutters – “Cutters”

Alternative rockers Cutters are out with their debut self-titled album. It’s a little punk, a little metal, and a ton of rock ‘n roll, with songs raging about everything from internet creeps to the ruling class to bands not pulling their weight to a man coming after you after dark. With crushing solos, call-and-response moments and a knack for calling

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AUDIO: Cutters – “Digital Hellscape”

Punk rockers Cutters have a new single out in which they critique social media. Whether it’s dealing with clout, uncivil discourse, FOMO or online creeps, Cutters aren’t having it. They air out their frustrations with a chugging riff that resembles the day-by-day glowing screen consumption. Cutters are certainly a new band to watch in the rock scene – catch them

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AUDIO: Cutters – “New Grenada”

Punk rockers Cutters are getting their name out there with debut single “New Grenada.” Inspired by the film “Over the Edge,” it’s an exciting tune about rebellious youth. There’s a rabble-rousing touch to the song, akin the guys in the coming-of-age movie that go up against authority. We can feel the enthusiasm from Cutters to get more music out soon

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