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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Dismember the King”

Electronic producer Cntrlla’s latest single is ready to shred your ruler to bits. This one’s got a fuzzy, static bass drop that represents bringing justice to the titular evil lord, who lets out one last evil laugh before meeting his fate. Cntrlla is known for bringing elaborate scenarios to his music, and “Dismember the King” keeps his vivid imagination moving

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Skelter”

Electronic producer Cntrlla’s latest single feels like you’re entering a prehistoric-looking alien world. It’s not long before you run into hostile creatures, and so the chase is on. The track begins with a trip hop-type beat that evokes a mysterious sensation, but once the dubstep zaps enter, so does the adrenaline. Cntrlla has released a lot of creative and inventive

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “I Don’t Fuck Around”

Minimalist-bass producer Cntrlla has another track out this week. This one takes a more aggressive, industrial approach that bangs against metallic textures with no fucks given. It’s a bit of a deviation from some of Cntrlla’s more liquid compositions, but nonetheless keeps his trademark misty atmosphere intact.

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Vacillation”

Wavy bass producer Cntrlla has a new EP out today. Right off the bat, “Hyperion Drag” descends into a lavender realm of wonder and mystery. Chaos ensues in the following track, where enemies are encountered and revelations are had. The term “vacillation” refers to the inability to decide between opinions, which this EP reflects through the futuristic shake of “2080”

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