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Mid Coast Vol. 19; ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Flykiddxoxo, Clare McCullough, Ke1, Dahlia

Midcoast Collective hosted their 19th edition at Cactus Club on Friday night featuring artists Flykiddxoxo, Clare McCullough, Ke1 and Dahlia. They raised money for Reproductive Justice Action Milwaukee, a grassroots organizations with ten demands: the repeal of Wisconsin State Statute 940.04, the complete separation of church and state, that law enforcement not enforce abortion bans, that Wisconsin law enforcement read

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AUDIO: Clare McCullough – “This Body Ain’t Mine”

Singer-songwriter Clare McCullough, formerly of the folk punk duo Gnatcatchers, is out with her debut single. Taking elements of folk, pop and blues rock, McCullough sings of feeling detached from herself as she works exhaustingly to stay afloat. It’s a worker’s anthem, beginning downtempo but gradually swelling into a shouter. Stay tuned to hear more from Clare McCullough in the

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