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AUDIO: Rahn Harper & Cam Will – “NoHo”

Rahn Harper and Cam Will teamed up for a new single. With a warm trap flavor, this tune’s bound to be on your Milwaukee summer playlist. It’s about having ambition and keeping the real ones around you, being particular about the energy you surround yourself with. Harper and Will go in about wanting more than a mid lifestyle, and that

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AUDIO: Cam Will – “Not Playing Fair”

Hip hop artist Cam Will is out with a new two-piece. With “Oh Well” he’s expressing being done with fake people and looking out for those that wouldn’t do the same for him; all he can say is “oh well.” “IYKYK” finds him looking inwardly, staying calm and collected as he watches people fighting over what’s his. Cam Will is

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VIDEO: Cam Will – “Vibes”

Hip hop artist Cam Will has a new single and video out. He’s rapping about being over the broke shit and only focusing on what will bring him success. Directed by himself and O Elegbede, Will and his people are shown congregated on a soccer field, as well as outside various landmarks in downtown Milwaukee. The artist knows what he’s

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