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AUDIO: Bdwthr & Tombo – “Bluetooth Knife”

Bdwthr and Tombo teamed up on a new single. “Bluetooth Knife” has a dark, hazy aesthetic but leans into it with confidence and firmness; the two artists take a nighttime ride through shadows, demons, catharsis and unpredictability with cloudy and atmospheric production. We look forward to seeing what both Bdwthr and Tombo have cooking up for 2023!

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AUDIO: Catz & Chee$e – “Legal Hitz”

Catz & Chee$e are a young hip hop collective that dropped their first EP not too long ago. Isaiah Santiago, Shezi, Bdwthr, and Koo McDoobz all take turns having fun flexing on the mic; they rap about smoking, drinking, keeping their circle closed, and having infinite potential. The three tracks were clearly a blast to make, with each driven by

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AUDIO: Flowers4ever – “Fluffy”

Hip hop artist Flowers4ever is out with her debut album. She comes out right off the bat with unapologetic attitude, culminating into a walkthrough of Flowers’ experience living as a trans woman. Features here include Bisca Rae, Neely, Bdwthr, and Jesse Vile of punk band Ballstomper. She shares rightful anger about constant erasure with songs such as “Dead Name” and

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