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AUDIO: BananaFish – “Happy Now”

The latest from singer-songwriter BananaFish is another powerful, somber ukelele tune where she sings about asking a former lover if they would be happy if she disappeared. She is grieving over unrequited love and feels tortured over not being reciprocated that love. This is BananaFish’s first track in almost a year, and we are excited to see her continuing to

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Meet A Few Artists That Were At FemFest!

This year’s Riverwest FemFest hosted an array of phenomenal female, trans, and non-binary musicians showcasing their talents from Club Garibaldi to Cactus Club to Company Brewing. Although we did not have the chance to talk to each and every one, we managed to hear from a solid handful. Friday night’s Garibaldi bill had been kicked off by BananaFish, the stage

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