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AUDIO: Andrew David Weber – “The Howl of Insanity”

Singer-songwriter Andrew David Weber is out with his sophomore album. He dedicates it to sufferers of mental health issues, specifically post-traumatic stress disorder. There’s many stylistic variations of rock, ranging from the soft and symphonic wails of “How Bad Could It Get?” to the hard rock symphony of “The Howl” to the insurmountably emotional piano rock of “Regardless.” ANDII, Audible

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AUDIO: James Oz – “Two Sides”

Singer-songwriter James Oz (half of Audible Kink) recently dropped his debut solo EP. Featuring woodsy folk riffs and somber harmonica, Oz sings of rocky romances and conversations with the devil. There’s foot-tappers but also melancholic dread. As we settle into the fall months, this is your ideal listen for a lonely backyard campfire. We look forward to more from James

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