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AUDIO: Asher Gray – “Undertow EP”

Producer Asher Gray dropped a new EP last week – his first new music since 2017. The Funky Fruit DJ brings three tracks of house, trance and techno in a most exciting electronic cyclone, perfect for your adrenaline-induced weekend party. Gray showcases his appreciation for nostalgic dance proclivities while enthusiastic about revitalizing them with a modern flare, making “Undertow EP”

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AUDIO: Greyhound – “Asleep on the Green Line”

Electronic producer Greyhound has a new EP out. He mixes hard techno and house styles into a cohesive four-song experience inspired by traveling around Milwaukee on the bus. The first track, which is almost eight minutes long, features contributions from fellow producer Asher Gray. All proceeds are going to Cactus Club. Get ready to dance when the pandemic is over,

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