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VIDEO: Armstrong Ransome – “Straight Abused”

Hip hop artist Armstrong Ransome has the video out to his recent single “Straight Abused.” Shot by Cousin John, Ransome is out on a rooftop decorated with graffiti, rapping with flexes about his mastery of the craft. The lo-fi visual effects and blending of graphics give a funky feel reminiscent of 90’s-era production. Armstrong Ransome is right in his element

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AUDIO: Armstrong Ransome – “Straight Abused”

Milwaukee hip hop veteran Armstrong Ransome’s new song finds him annihilating all the chumps in his way. He raps about not leaving the house often these days and how most people don’t know what he’s been through. He invites you to bring your whole crew up against him, but guarantees you won’t stand a chance. Move or get abused. Armstrong

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