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AUDIO: Armon Hassan – “Half A Heart”

Alternative pop artist Armon Hassan dropped his first single of the year Friday. It’s a heartbreak song shrouded in deep blue darkness; Hassan sings about wishing to destroy the pain he’s in, feeling like he can’t be saved in his current state. Although palpably sad, Armon Hassan’s new single is cathartic and honest about the profound loneliness that follows split

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AUDIO: Shifter – “Choke Me Down”

Shifter is a new metalcore duo consisting of Armon Hassan and Nik Voyn, who play in metalcore band After Hour Animals together. Their debut single has a brutal bite and confronts when you fall into one bad habit after another, making you feel hopelessly suffocated. Armon’s shrieks rattle the soul as the fate of those trapped in vicious cycles spills

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