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AUDIO: Frenia – “This Field is Required”

Improvisational noise collective Frenia are out with a new EP. Limitless art, not a point on the map their Bandcamp poetically states, so eloquently describing the fluidity of Frenia’s seamlessly collaborative nature. There’s string, wind and percussion instruments utilized here but also spoken word, friendly banter, hand claps and wordplay; an excerpt of “Madness of the Day” by Blanchot is

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AUDIO: Frenia – “What Is It”

Improvisational noise collective Frenia are out with new pieces. Annie Grizzle and Eli Smith join the original trio here in collaboration, supporting the existential philosophy of Frenia being what it is simply by having individuals present for it. “What Is It” is a synergistic movement of intentional sound being transferred from one person to the next, creating an organic immediacy

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AUDIO: Annie Grizzle – “I Wake With Eyes the Sound of Clarinet”

Experimental sound artist Annie Grizzle is out with an EP. Each piece plays with field recordings against acoustic instruments, invoking a meditative yet involved state of listening. The first piece is ethereal and idyllic, the second plays whimsically in open space, and the third drones in and out of consciousness. Annie Grizzle presents a cycle of wakefulness interpreted through well-intentioned

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