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AUDIO: ANDII – “Winter Blues II”

Singer-songwriter ANDII dropped a new song this week. This one’s about navigating seasonal depression and faking it till you make it. Many struggle with an unkind brain this time of year but if you keep your head up, things eventually will warm up and you’ll break out of the funk. The song has a tropical touch to make things feel

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AUDIO: Andrew David Weber – “The Howl of Insanity”

Singer-songwriter Andrew David Weber is out with his sophomore album. He dedicates it to sufferers of mental health issues, specifically post-traumatic stress disorder. There’s many stylistic variations of rock, ranging from the soft and symphonic wails of “How Bad Could It Get?” to the hard rock symphony of “The Howl” to the insurmountably emotional piano rock of “Regardless.” ANDII, Audible

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Meet A Few Artists That Were At FemFest!

This year’s Riverwest FemFest hosted an array of phenomenal female, trans, and non-binary musicians showcasing their talents from Club Garibaldi to Cactus Club to Company Brewing. Although we did not have the chance to talk to each and every one, we managed to hear from a solid handful. Friday night’s Garibaldi bill had been kicked off by BananaFish, the stage

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