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AUDIO: Aliesa Nicole & JR Scalez – “Toxic Shyt”

Aliesa Nicole and JR Scalez teamed up for a new EP. Nicole sings heartfully and Scalez raps masterfully in a solid R&B-hip hop hybrid collaboration. It’s five tracks that explore the chemistry between two people, whether it’s through sex or romance. That said, the two are looking to prove one another, so Nicole and Scalez play the part of the

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AUDIO: Larry Bull – “Legendary”

Hip hop artist Larry Bull dropped a new album this past weekend. He honors his late father with this fifteen-track project, moving his destiny forth through masterful spitting. The project appears to get increasingly personal as the track list progresses; Bull raps about fear of slipping up, repelling demons, praying for his friends to find freedom and success, and ultimately

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